Library Visitor Books

The Khalidiyah over time became a Jerusalem landmark and was visited by many researchers, academics and intellectuals from around the world who left behind their messages and signatures in the Library’s visiting books. Examples include:

  • Ali Al-Jarim, director of Teachers’ College, Egypt (1904)
  • Max Herz Pasha,  director of the Arab Museum in 1892 in Cairo (Islamic Art Museum) and director of the Comité de Conservation des Monuments de l’Art Arabe
  • Professor Bendali al-Jawzi ,  assistant lecturer in Arabic and Islamic studies at the Faculty of Law at Kazan University in eastern Russia (107 and 1909)
  • Father Louis Cheikho,  Chaldean Catholic Priest, orientalist and theologian, director of the Al-Mashreq magazine in Beirut (1909)
  • Ignaty Yulianovich Krachkovsky, Russian arabist (1910)
  • Muhammad Kurd Ali al-Dimashqi, author and director of al-Muqtabas newspaper in Damascus (1911)
  • Aref al-Aref,  Palestinian journalist, historian and politician (1919) 
  • Ernest John Henry Mackay, custodian of Antiquities for the Palestine Government (1919)
  • William F. Albright (1920), archeologist and  Director of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem (1920)
  • Leo Aryeh Mayer,  director of the Hebrew Press (1921)
  • Ibrahim Touqan, Poet  (1931)
  • Professor Constantine Zurayk, prominent and influential Syrian Arab intellectual, American University of Beirut (1933)