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Library Governance

 The on-site supervision of the Khalidi Library is carried out by 3 family members resident in Jerusalem who are also the administrators (mutawallis) of the Library and other family awqaf. These are Asem Khalidi, Raja Khalidi, and Khalil Khalidi khalidimutawallis@gmail.com

The Librarian is Dr. Khader Salameh. He can be reached at librarian@khalidilibrary.org

In 1988 the Friends of the Khalidi Library (FKL) was incorporated due to the efforts of Professor Walid Khalidi in the State of Massachusetts as a 501 ( c )(3) tax-exempt educational foundation to rally support and solicit funds to face the threats to the Library in Jerusalem. Email: chairman@khalidilibrary.org

The FKL Board members in 2020 are as follows:

  • Walid Khalidi (President)
  • Imad Khalidi (Treasurer)
  • Hani Habbas (Secretary)
  • Ahmad Khalidi
  • Anbarra Khalidi
  • Dima Khalidi
  • Princess Ghida Talal of Jordan
  • Hasan Shukri Khalidi
  • Hussein Khalidi
  • Lamya Khalidi
  • Muhammad Ali Khalidi
  • Omar Khalidi
  • Raja Khalidi 
  • Rashid Khalidi
  • Thabet Khalidi

International Academic Advisory Board

Subsequent to the establishment of FKL in 1988, the International Advisory Board was established, with the help of Professor Tarif Khalidi, formerly of Cambridge University (United Kingdom) and the American University of Beirut (AUB).

This Board gives moral support to FKL and advises on Library publications and academic activities. The members of the Advisory Board are currently:

  • Princess Ghida Talal of Jordan (co-Chair)
  • Prof. Tarif Khalidi  (co-Chair)
  • Prof. Beth Baron
  • Prof. Rochelle Davis
  • Prof. Fred Donner
  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Filiu
  • Prof. Jens Hanssen
  • Prof. Philip Khoury 
  • Prof. Henry Laurens
  • Prof. Margaret Macmillan
  • Prof. Angelika Neuwirth
  • Prof. Eugene Rogan