Digitization of Rare Books & Manuscripts

Using the latest in digitization technology, the catalogued manuscripts, documents, and printed books of the Khalidi library have been digitized, conserved, and made available to both scholars and the public in a searchable, attractive, and user-friendly format on-line. In April 2014, the Khalidi Library entered a partnership with a world leader in the photographic preservation of manuscripts, Hill Museum and Manuscript Library (HMML) in Minnesota, USA. This partnership resulted in the digitization of some 600,000 manuscript pages using up-to-date specifications and international standards, to guarantee the permanent preservation of digital content. Meanwhile, the Library has established its own manuscript restoration and binding laboratory to address the digitization and conservation needs of its own collection and other private Libraries in Jerusalem and to build local capacity in such rare and specialist crafts.

Khalidi Library staff have extensive experience in digitally photographing rare manuscripts and books and now offer these services to individuals and institutions, using the latest and high-quality technology, at a small cost.

 To enquire about this service, please email  librarian@khalidilibrary.org or call Tel: (+972) 2-534-3537.