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Support the Khalidi Library

The Khalidi Library gratefully accepts monetary gifts from individuals, businesses, corporations and organizations. Donors are welcome to specify a general preference for the allocation of their donation if over $100 (e.g. restoration of books and manuscripts, restoration of Library buildings, equipment, etc.). If you do not indicate a preference, The Friends of the Khalidi Library will then determine the most appropriate use of the funds. Gifts of money are the responsibility of the Friends of the Khalidi Library in coordination with the Library’s administrators. They also have the ultimate responsibility for decisions regarding what gifts will be accepted. For any inquiries, please contact Professor Walid Khalidi at Email: chairman@khalidilibrary.org

Bank details are provided below:

“Friends of the Khalidi Library”
Cambridge Trust Co
1336 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02138
Account No: 57677801
Routing No: 011300595